This dilemma can occur at any time in the game, but usually takes a few days to show itself.

When faced with this dilemma, the player will be given information on the left, an image of a shopping trolley full of junk in the center, and options on the right. On the left side the player will be informed that woman pushing a shopping trolley is offering to trade medical supplies for tools.

On the far right side the following choices are displayed:

Trade items.

Attack the trader.

Send her away.

Trading with the woman will remove a number of tools from your supplies. These are randomly chosen and cannot be selected by the player. In return, she gives you several medical supplies. This is the end of the dilemma and nothing further will occur.

Attacking the trader will alert nearby zombies as she screams before she dies.  You will receive one set of supplies weapons or medical.  There is a chance to obtain her shopping trolley which allows you to carry an additional 25 weight.

Sending her away ends the dilemma. There are no consequences for this option, (It's possible that the trader might come back after a few days, it is unknown when exactly).

This dilemma can reoccur reguardless of what option is chosen.


Options for the Trader dilemma.