Zafehouse: Diaries Mods (also known as ZHD Mods) are unofficial, fan-made tweaks and expansions to Zafehouse: Diaries.

Mods are not endorsed or supported by Screwfly Studios and are used at the player's own risk.

Custom ContentEdit

Zafehouse: Diaries features tools to allow players to add their own custom survivors (with portraits), location pictures and custom occupations. See here for more details. Further changes require more complicated external modding.

Modding Zafehouse: DiariesEdit

Zafehouse: Diaries is scripted in C#. It supports modding via the use of external DLL files that contain new or modified scripts, allowing fans to create modified versions of the game. Additionally, unpacking the file "" allows images and sounds to be replaced or added to, as long as the file is rezipped again before play.

Recommended ToolsEdit

Modding Zafehouse: Diaries is best accomplished with Microsoft Visual C# Studio Express 2010, a free C# programming suite with an easy-to-use interface. Note that using other, later versions of this program (such as 2012) is not advised. This will allow the creation of new Items, Dilemmas and other script tweaks and compiling these into a DLL file that can be placed in the Zafehouse: Diaries install directory for the game to automatically use. Example mod templates are available here to get started with.

Another vital tool is ILSpy, a free and open-source .NET assembly browser that allows exploring and exporting C# scripts from Zafehouse: Diaries compiled files "Scripts.dll" and "ZafehouseDiaries.exe" (which both contain the game's script code). ILSpy can export any script as a text file, that can then be imported into Visual Studio C# 2010 and edited.

A way to unpack the file "" is also needed if graphics or sounds are being added or replaced. Popular programs include WinRAR and WinZip, although later versions of Windows can handle this without an external program and there are many free alternatives available online.

List of ModsEdit